IDEST Scheme Committee

The IDEST Scheme Committee currently consists of eight volunteer members and one member of staff.  These are representatives from the diving industry, manufacturers and experts with years of diving experience.  Their role is to manage IDEST, and its many facets, for IDEST-certified inspection & test centres and their technicians as well as to promote safe diving through cylinder testing to the diving community. 

Committee Members

Dave Crockford - Chairman

Dave took over the role of Chairman from Neil Minto on 1st December 2021. Dave comes from a background of building and civil engineering but has had a diving interest since his first dives in Cyprus in 1961-64. He is a BSAC National Instructor and was a member of BSAC Council. He was instrumental in helping SITA with the first mixed gas filling procedure along with the help of Mike Harwood from HSE. 

He was regularly used as a test dive subject at DDRC in the 1980s and in 1990 took on the engineering at DDRC until 2000.  His interest in technical diving was initiated by the embryonic re-breather testing to 200m+ that he undertook at DDRC for Carmellan Research. He ran Technical Diving International (TDI) in Europe and later joined Professional Scuba Association (PSAI) managing UK and Scandinavia.

Dave can be contacted on 01752 872342 or


Neil Minto C.Eng. MIET - Chief Engineer

Neil took over the role of Chief Engineer from Mike Todd back in 2010.  Living in the North East, Neil has been with the organisation since 1998.  He is a BSAC Advanced Instructor, BSAC First Class Diver and has been diving for over 50 years. Neil became Chairman in September 2021 when Tony Marshall retired.

Neil can be contacted on 07956 699729 or


Lizzi Russell - Administration Manager

Lizzi has over 30 years experience providing administration and bookkeeping support to business, including several years service as a Military Clerk.  She now runs her own business providing virtual admin support.  She is very much looking forward to working with the IDEST team, their suppliers and customers

Lizzi can be contacted on 07486053959 or


Alistair Reynolds

Alistair Reynolds - Inspector & Admin Manager

Alistair has been working for IDEST since 1998. He took a short break during lockdown due to family commitments.  He is a BSAC National Instructor, had a diving business for 18 years and was BSAC Technical Manager from 2000 until he retired in 2010.

Alistair is also currently in charge of IDEST Administration and Merchandising

Alistair can be contacted on 07901 091366 or


Mike Collins - Inspector

Mike has been an inspector with IDEST since 2012 and looks after the centres in the South and Wales.  He is a qualified BS 5750 assessor, BSAC Advanced Instructor, a factory trained Bauer Kompressoren engineer, and was QA Manager for UWI.  Mike has worked for over 30 years in manufacture and servicing of diving related equipment ranging from aqualungs to submersibles.  He has been diving for over 46 years and instructing for 44 years.  Mike worked offshore in the early 70s with Vickers Oceanics and later joined UWI as product manager for Bauer compressors.  He later formed his own company Airtech, which specialised in the installation and maintenance of breathing air systems, the manufacture of gas mixing panels and the installation of test equipment.  Mike was instrumental in IDEST's re-accreditation to ISO/IEC 17024:2012 in 2015, writing the submission document for the organisation.

Mike can be contacted on 01420588484 or

Gordon LambertGordon Lambert - Inspector

Based in the North East, Gordon has a wide range of industrial experience covering Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Quality and Health and Safety.  He is an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 auditor and holds a NEBOSH certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.  Gordon is a BSAC First Class Diver and Advanced Instructor.  As a previous IDEST Test Centre owner and cylinder technician, Gordon has 7 years' hands-on experience of cylinder testing before progressing to IDEST Inspector.  Living in County Durham in the North East, he has been diving for over 44 years.

Gordon can be contacted on 07836 647633 or


Neil Brock - Member

Neil began diving in 1972 with a local BSAC club and moved into commercial diving in 1981. Neil and his wife moved into recreational diving in 1995 opening a small dive shop that they built up over the years. They have a broad spread of experience in the diving industry, ranging from having opened NDAC in 2003, to currently acting as diving consultants for the BBC. His business, Bristol Channel Diving Services Ltd, IDEST No 5B, has been with us for some five years.  His centre is an approved IDEST and HSE Training Centre, able to provide training for commercial diving and all four IDEST training courses.

Martin Nettleton - Member

 Details to follow soon...

Bob Findlow - Member

 Bob is the Managing Director of Robin Hood Watersports and has been an IDEST Committee members for many years.  he is a BSAC First Class Diver and has been diving for fifty years.

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