This is a collection of useful documents that are available for the technicians working in IDEST assessed test centres.  They cover a range of requirements from IDEST policy statement to documents that would be useful in a cylinder test centre.

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Testing & Inspection of diving cylinders after 1st July 2009

From 1st July 2009, the HSE requirement for a "competent person" to carry out cylinder testing was clearly defined.  This document gives full explanation as to the type of certification required depending on the number of technicians being used.

IDEST Policy Statement

Statement from IDEST about its Policy and Objectives.  Download this document to get a better understanding of the organisation and what its objectives are.

Impartiality Statement

IDEST's Impartiality Statement and its Appeals & Complaints processes explained.

Appeals & Complaints Procedure

If you, or your customers, have a complaint then this document explains how to go about getting it addressed.  It will help ensure you are provided with a professional investigation into your complaint or appeal.

Complaints Form

This is the complaints form that needs to used by anyone who has a complaint that needs investigating by IDEST.  This covers a variety of complaint aspects and provides IDEST inspectors with details of the situation to be investigated.

UKAS Accredited Laboratories - D049

This is the current list of UKAS accredited test laboratories that should be used for the calibration of your test equipment such as Thread Gauges, Torque Wrenches and Pressure Gauges.  Not every laboratory can calibrate every item of equipment, so check which labs can deal with your enquiry.

Code of Practice CP11:2011

This is the IDEST Code of Practice that was created in 2011 and to which all IDEST test centres must be working to.  It explains exactly the procedures to adopt at all stages of inspection and testing of diving and breathing gas cylinders.  Please ensure you have an up-to-date copy of this in your procedures or standards folder.

 Application Form for Tracker Sheet use

This is the form to complete if your centre does not use a thread gauge for checking diving cylinders or valves on a frequent basis.  IDEST allows centres to use a Tracker Sheet for each gauge that will not exceed 250 uses within a 3 year period.  Once a gauge has been used 250 times or three years have elapsed, whichever occurs first, then the gauge must be re-calibrated.  These gauges do not then need to be recalibrated every year. 

Notification regarding BS EN ISO 18119:2018

This document was issued by IDEST to all approved Test Centres on 26th April 2019 in order to help clarify the situation when interpreting the latest Standard BS EN ISO 18119:2018. 


IDEST Statement regarding BS EN ISO 18119:2018

You can download the IDEST Statement concerning this Standard, the use of existing blue quadrant stickers and the cessation of using the letter 'V' for Visual Inspections (PIs)


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