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COVID-19 Update

We understand and acknowledge that the Coronavirus is creating issues for all stakeholders in the recreational and technical diving industry. The majority of our members are small-business owners and ardent divers with many years of experience in the sport.  

Our members are used to conducting risk assessments - they do this on a daily basis - therefore we are confident that they are applying this knowledge to the Coronavirus outbreak. They will be doing everything possible to tackle the spread of the virus, whilst as always focusing on keeping their customers, staff and themselves safe, and conducting their business in a responsible manner. 

We have written to all our members and provided them with relevant advice from the UK Resuscitation Council, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre and the dive training agencies. This data includes additional information on how to avoid Coronavirus cross infection on rescue / first aid training courses, how to disinfect equipment, and safe training practices for chlorinated swimming pools.  

SITA is closely monitoring the ongoing developments with this issue, and we are following Government advice. Where relevant we will update our members immediately. 

Unfortunately whilst this is not going to be "business as usual", we will encourage our members to act responsibly. We recommend the implementation of a number of measures - the deferral of courses, the postponement of dive holidays, etc - until after the restrictions are lifted, to ensure customer wellbeing. 

In the meantime please continue to support Great British diving whilst following Government and NHS guidelines. Thank you. 




BDSG Update

We are a proud member of the BDSG and we also sit on the smaller BDSG COVD-19 steering group.

This steering group and DAN Europe have teamed up and adapted the DAN recommendations specifically for the UK recreational scuba diving industry. These are due to be rolled out within the next 10 days to help everyone who works or dives in the UK. 



Today - Wednesday 1 July 2020 - DEFRA has announced that they are withdrawing their guidance on “Using a boat inland and on the coast” from Saturday 4 July 2020.

This now means that scuba divers and anglers will be able to use a charter boat with up to six members of different households as long as social distancing is maintained. At present COVID-19 social distancing in the UK remains at 2 m / 6.5 ft whilst outdoors.

SITA had been contacted by several of our members concerned by the guidance issued by DEFRA on 11 June because it appeared that talking within the various maritime communities that none of the user groups of the charter boats, nor indeed the Professional Boatman’s Association, were contacted or expertise sought by DEFRA, prior to this guidance being drafted and announced.

The DEFRA guidance was financially hurting our members, the majority of which are SME companies. It was therefore important that all the NGO's involved with the charter boats actively lobbied DEFRA. This included the , the , the , the  and the .

We are now pleased that our collective voices were able to strongly lobby on the conflicting advice that DEFRA issued. It must be remembered that the coronavirus has not gone away, therefore divers must proactively remember to protect themselves and each other and continue to practice social distances. Stay safe! 

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